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2023 > Sonic Explorations Workshop at Nova Festival, Bucharest

Another edition of the Sonic Exploration Workshop took place at Nova Festival! Participants built their own CRT01 (contact microphones) and composed the background track from this clip, using entirely the found sounds collected. Looking forward to the next edition.

2023 > Sonic Explorations at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, RO

🔊 Sonic Explorations Workshop Success! 🎛️🎶✨ We embarked on a sonic journey, diving deep into the world of sound exploration and creativity. 🌍💡 Participants soldered their contact microphones, capturing unique vibrations and transforming them into electrical signals. 🎤🔌🔊 The challenge aimed at discovering captivating sounds within the National Museum of Contemporary Art that were part of our collaborative musical composition in Ableton Live. 🎵🎹
The audio piece you hear is the collaborative piece that uses mostly manipulated found sounds recorded by our participants.
🎥✨ Stay tuned for more sonic adventures.