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//echoes of presence

an interactive immersive experience

Context & Concept
Site-specific experience that focuses on the dynamic form of togetherness through the footprint that people leave in a shared space combining visual, auditory, and sensory experiences.
I had the privilege of being part of the winning team for the IQOS Open Call, where we were tasked with creating a site-specific installation at the iconic "Amzei" market in Bucharest. Our installation spanned across three interconnected rooms, offering visitors an immersive experience like no other.
In this remarkable project, my responsibility was to compose and spatialize the sound, crafting an immersive and interactive experience. Through carefully curated audio elements, I aimed to transport visitors into a world where art and technology seamlessly merged.
From ambient melodies that filled the space to dynamic soundscapes that responded to people's interactions, our installation pushed the boundaries of sensory engagement. It was an incredible opportunity to contribute to a project that challenged creativity and left a lasting impact on the Bucharest art scene.