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ERT01 - Artisan Electromagnetic Microphones

Ever wondered how electricity sounds? With this microphone, you can wander and discover the sounds of electronic circuits surrounding you. Click here to buy!

CRT01 - Artisan Contact Microphones

Artisan contact microphones designed to capture the unseen movements in any environment

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2023 > Sonic Explorations Workshop at Nova Festival, Bucharest
Another edition of the Sonic Exploration Workshop took place at Nova Festival! Participants built their own CRT01 (contact microphones) and composed the background track from this clip, using entirely the found sounds collected. Looking forward to the next edition.

Discover the extraordinary with our artisan contact microphone!
Designed for artists, musicians, and curious minds alike, it captures the unseen movements in any environment.
Just plug it into your recording device, press it against surfaces, and unlock the hidden sounds of the world.