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//aural topographies

an interactive installation that complements the TRT (Texture Recording Tool) and attempts to create a cross-modal experience by adding a physical dimension to the field recording domain

Context & Concept

The audio recording process implies the amplification of the sound’s vibrations. It takes off the invisible cloak that contains the compressions and decompressions of the medium and makes people aware of their surroundings. The primary question that the TRT addresses is the limitation of traditional field recordings and the possible addition of a new “physical” sonic dimension.

When listening to our environment, we usually have an image of the aural space but rarely wonder how would, for example, a tree bark or an old wall from a ruin or even the floor would sound. By using the same principles of piezoelectricity and how microphones work, this research study aims to add a new dimension to our acoustic field recordings by amplifying an object’s texture and creating a type of “contact” field recording.

Below are a few images with the interactive installation and a documentation video that follows the creative process from the exhibition entitled “Pixels from a Future Past” at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, RO:

Below you can hear the recordings of the physical domain taken using the Texture Recording Tool (TRT):