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an interactive installation that conceptualises Foucault’s “panopticism” and the act of “sousveillance”

Context & Concept
The 2013 Snowden revelations offered a rare peek into the scale of mass surveillance conducted by secret agencies in the digital age.
This peek is represented in my interactive installation by the user performing a process of reverse surveillance also known as “sousveillance”, into the workings of state power.

Structure & User Experience
The installation takes the form of a human-scale CCTV whereas its eye is replaced with a monitor and people can observe who is behind the eye.
As they grab the CCTV and move around its antenna, they will discover fractures of images and as they rotate it, behind each image, they will find out there are letters that are put together to form a puzzle. Their challenge is to finish it and find out who is behind it.

The Challenge
Represents the absolute power of the algorithm which means the end of our privacy and also the idea that we created our own constraints that can lead to a dystopian society.