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From sound design that crafts bespoke auditory landscapes, music production spanning genres, spatial audio for immersive experiences to audio programming. My experience extends from TV and radio commercials and gastronomic events to festivals, immersive performances, installations, as well as interactive programming and 3D printing. offering an auditory signature that express your creative vision. Beyond sound, my skills extend to interactive programming.

Echoes Of Presence, RDW 2023, Bucharest, RO

//immersive experience

- created ambients and interactive sounds for each room
-  4-channel spatialized audio experience
Concept, Architecture & Visuals: Alina Rizescu
Creative direction & interaction design: Bogdan Ștefănescu
Motion graphics: Alin Tatu
Sound design and spatialization: Denis Flueraru
Prototyping & Interaction Development: WeMeshup

Fête des Lumières, 2022, Lyon, FR

//nos utopies, interactive performance

-music for the “space” performance
-live video projection of the performers
-integrated a hand recognition mapping using machine learning that affected the projection and sound in real time
-live mixing sound

Sonic Imprints, 2023, RADAR, Bucharest, RO

//interactive performance

-electronic music live-set
-sound interactive algorhitm that analyses the frequencies and prints its value in a correspoding ascii code
-the resulted imprint gets written using a DIY pen-plotter

Ruined Resonances, 2022, Object Book

//interactive audio book

-created audio for endangered heritage buildings using field recordings
-implemented an online listening experience