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2024 > Sensitive Data

2024 > Recycle Your Technology Open Call BRD

2024 > DivAirCity Bucharest

A quick look from the DivAirCity Day at Piațeta Italiana in Bucharest and my stand where I used air quality values to plot a series of generative drawings.

2024 > LESEL (OT001) EP

I decided to bring up a new artist alias as “LESEL” and released a new EP. For a full listen please visit Bandcamp.

2023 > ERT01 - Artisan Electromagnetic Microphones

Ever wondered how electricity sounds? With this microphone, you can wander and discover the sounds of electronic circuits surrounding you. Available to buy in the shop section.

2023 > Fabulating About a Gelato Machine, Muzeul de Arta, Brasov, RO

Following up the Accelerator’s mentorship program, I had the chance to display one of my recent installations entitled “Metabloom” at the National Museum of Art in Brasov, Romania. 

2023 > RADAR 2023, Bucharest, RO

For this year’s edition of RADAR Festival I had the opportunity to play an interactive audio-visual performance entitled Sonic Imprints. The performance aims to transcribe the amplitude peaks and frequencies and write out the aural imprint using a pen plotter.

📷 Ilie George-Andrei

2023 > Sonic Explorations Workshop at Nova Festival, Bucharest

Another edition of the Sonic Exploration Workshop took place at Nova Festival! Participants built their own CRT01 (contact microphones) and composed the background track from this clip, using entirely the found sounds collected. Looking forward to the next edition.

2023 > CRT01 - Artisan Contact Microphones

2023 > Ars Electronica, Linz, AT

For this year’s edition of Ars Electronica, I will be showcasing my work entitled Aural Topographies within the POSTCITY building.

2023 > Sound Campus - Open Stream, Linz, AT

Glad to find out that my experimental sound composition entitled Ruined Resonances will be played throughout the Ars Electronica festival at the following locations:

Mobile Sound Station “El Kschk” project by Lama

Ghanem, will move in the surroundings of Hauptplatz 6

Tue 05. - Fri 8.09, open schedule

Radio broadcast via, with sound design by Daphne Xanthopoulou

Tue 05. - Thu 7.09, 17:00 -18:00

Listening Session

Friday 8.09, 18:00PM – Courtyard Hauptplatz 6

For a full listen, please visit this link:

2023 > Sonic Explorations Workshop at Nova Festival, Bucharest, RO

Explore the intersection of sound, electronics and the human habitat by building your contact microphone and capturing the unseen movements surrounding us.

Limited tickets are available here:

2023 > Un/Living Gallery: A Tangible Art Manifesto, Bucharest, RO

2023 > Sonic Explorations at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, RO

🔊 Sonic Explorations Workshop Success! 🎛️🎶✨ We embarked on a sonic journey, diving deep into the world of sound exploration and creativity. 🌍💡 Participants soldered their contact microphones, capturing unique vibrations and transforming them into electrical signals. 🎤🔌🔊 The challenge aimed at discovering captivating sounds within the National Museum of Contemporary Art that were part of our collaborative musical composition in Ableton Live. 🎵🎹🎚️ Thanks to everyone involved and hope to see you soon!

Check out this video recap to get a glimpse of the exciting moments and hands-on experiences that filled our workshop.
The audio piece you hear is the collaborative piece that uses mostly manipulated found sounds recorded by our participants.
🎥✨ Stay tuned for more sonic adventures.

2023 > Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana (MNAC),  Bucharest,  RO

A couple of my recent works for the new edition at MNAC. My latest project, entitled Aural Topographies, can be experienced from the 25th of May until the 9th of July. I will also hold a workshop that focuses on building and experimenting with contact microphones entitled “Sonic Imprints” on the 1st of July. Feel free to join.  You can find the exposition at the Auditorium chamber, located on the 4th floor. 

2023 > Romanian Design Week,  Bucharest,  RO

I'm very glad to announce that our team project "ECHOES OF PRESENCE" made it into the finals. The experience focuses on the dynamic form of togetherness through the footprint that people leave in a shared space combining visual, auditory, and sensory experiences. See it live during Romanian Design Week.

2023 > PIXEL LIGHTS,  Timisoara,  RO

My interactive installation entitled “Narcissus in the Digital Era”  was chosen for Pixel Lights Open Call in Timisoara, Romania. Can't wait to share my work with new audiences and meet other artists. Huge thanks to the organizers for this amazing opportunity!

2023 > Pixels From a Future Past,  Arad,  RO

As Timisoara’s cultural activities extend to multiple cities throughout Romania, I took part in the exhibition entitled “Pixels from a Past Future”.
The interactive installations aim to visualize empathy and closeness and to reverberate in a nature that is fading away by capturing the presence of the visitor in the flow of data. Memories come back to life in the form of pixels, causing new fears. Are we captives of our past like Narcissus to his image, or can we be born again? Recent events increasingly question the current order, and there is a need for a new agreement with ourselves and the planet. Are we able to achieve it? Have we begun to dream about it? Is it already written?"

2022 > Fête des Lumières, Lyon, FR

For the 2022 edition of Fete des Lumieres, I worked on the "Nos Utopies" project, an interactive performance that gathered many talented people from around the world.

My part in this project consisted of creating an interactive system for the performers using machine learning that affected the overall sound ensemble as well as creating and performing live the musical composition for the project.

2022 > Rezidenta9, WhereArtThou Exhibition, Bucharest, RO

Why visit the exhibition WhereArtThou? : 5 Romanian artists question surveillance in the digital age?
You have the opportunity to do an act of "sousveillance" - a process of reverse surveillance, using “inverse:surveillance”, an interactive multimedia installation by Denis Flueraru.

The installation conceptualises Foucault’s “panopticism” and the act of “sousveillance” and it takes the form of a human-scale CCTV whereas its users can observe who is behind the state of power.
The challenge represents the absolute power of the algorithm Which means the end of our privacy and also the idea that We create our own constraints that can lead to a dystopian Society.

2022 > Spotlight Festival, Bucharest, RO

My installation entitled “The Particle Composer” will be showcased this weekend (14-16.10) in front of the NOVOTEL on Calea Victoriei for this year’s edition of Spotlight.

2022 > ARS Electronica, Linz, AT

As part of this year’s edition of ARS ELECTRONICA, I will have the chance to showcase two of my interactive installations: “Particle Composer” and “Narcissus in the Digital Era”. 


2022 > FAR Community
Proud to be amongst such an inspiring and creative community

2022 > White Imprint, Mobius Gallery, Bucharest, RO

Exhibition extended until 2nd of October and will also be part of NAG - Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor 
“White Imprint” directly addresses the need for each of us to understand, decode and transmit signs to others, in an age when we realise that the traces we leave on the planet can be overwhelming for human life. Social media gives everyone the opportunity to send out signs and mark the digital environment instantaneously, generating a giant digital carbon footprint. Who and how decides which memories (tokens) are worth keeping? For how long?

The works use various media - magnetic tape, conversational robot based on Artificial Intelligence, algorithmic composition or bio-art - and also classical media. Each of the artists explores a medium of expression, tracing the signs in each.

2022 > SIMULTAN Festival, Timisoara, RO
Following the “WhereArtThou” workshops from Rezidenta9 BRD and Simultan, the installation proposed got selected and will be showcased at Simultan Festival in Timisoara.

2022 > RADAR Festival, Bucharest, RO
Excited to find out that I will be a part of this year’s edition of RADAR, a temporary new media art museum, showcasing two of my installations: “inverse:surveillance” and “encounter with a stranger”

2022 > DeCeNePasă,  Galateca Gallery, Bucharest, RO
Together with my team from the Interactive Technologies for Performing and Media Arts MAs, we put together an interactive installation that focuses on empathy. Starting from the 17th of June until the 28th of June  you can check it out at Galateca, Bucharest.

2022 > whereARTthou, RezidentaBRD Scena9
Scena9 gave me the opportunity to be part of an incredible workshop that debates concepts of surveillance

2022 > Bookfest, Bucharest, RO

During Bookfest you can interact with the installation entitled “Encounter with a Stranger”

2022 > Arta Ocupã Orasul, Târgu Mures, RO

For the 1st of June, you will be able to interact with a few of my installations in Târgu Mures at “George Emil Palade”, University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology


Glad to announce that I will showcase one of my works entitled “Narcissus in
the Digital Era” as an NFT, at Romanian Creative Week in the Augmented City Gallery category from 20th to the 30th of May in Iasi, Romania


2022 ︎ASTROFEST, Bucharest, RO 

Follow me on Saturday, 7th of May,  in Crângasi Park, Bucharest, where I will present my latest works at the ASTROFEST Fair

2022 ︎Usi Deschise - UNATC - 7-9 April, Bucharest, RO

You can interact with my installations, get to know more about the process behind and also the industry field during the Open Doors event will take place between the 7th to the 9th of April at UNATC, Bucharest      


2022 ︎I LIKE IT - PRO TV

It was a pleasure to present what we’ve been working on so far and give a glimpse to future installations. For the full video click here.

2022 ︎Synthux Hackaton

Together with seven other international academies participants had four days to design and build a sound bending experience using a Daisy Seed microcontroller. For more information on my project click here

2021 ︎Street Delivery, Brasov, RO

Glad to announce that my interactive art installation "listening:in" will be open to the public from the 10th to the 12th of September during Street Delivery Brasov, a project founded by Cărtureşti